what are tree braids hairstyles

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Tree braids or as others call it 淚nvisible braids?areone of the most famous African American hairstyles. It uses hair extensions to add length as well as make your hair look fuller. This is done by creating small and tight braids.

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  • How to style your hair with tree braids?

  • The first thing to try out is to get your hair to look loose and pair it with the tree braids. You can also try the red hair splash on the front if you are looking for a surprising look. Check out the collection if you are not sure how to spice up your hairstyles. When you try on some micro tree braids, they can give you an added boost.

  • How many types of tree braids are there?

  • There are two kinds of tree braids. These are the cornrow tree braids and the individual tree braids. Want to experience the best of two worlds? In this style, some strands of hair extensions will be inserted into your cornrows.

  • What are the Best Hairstyles for braids?

  • Sometimes the best hairstyles are those that keep it simple, even when you have braids. Worn long, sleek and totally straight, the illusion braids don have a part, instead they are combed straight back. Two tone tree braids give more diversity in color and also in your hairstyles.

  • How long do tree braids last?

  • To put it simply, it depends on how fast your hair is growing. Generally, all tree braids last somewhere between one and two months. However, you will notice when you need some rebraiding done because of the hair growth. 7. What Kind of Hair Is Used for Tree Braids

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