what hairstyle grows hair faster

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Some examples of protective hairstyles include braids,twists,and updos. Which hairstyle grows hair faster?There is no one hairstyle that grows hair faster. However,certain hairstyles can help to protect your hair and prevent damage,which can in turn help it to grow more quickly.

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  • Which race has the fastest growing hair?

  • People of Asian descent had hair that tended to grow the fastest along with the thickest hairs. And people with European descent fell in the middle. Here a chart from that study showing the diversity in hair growth speeds.

  • How fast does scalp hair grow?

  • Scalp hair grows at a rate of about 0.6?.4 cm (.03-.56 in) per month in general. However, hair growing as fast as 3.36 cm/month (1.3 in/month) has also been noted in research. Here is the average growth rate of hairs on different parts of the body, according to data found in a research paper by Pragst F. Balikova, MA.

  • Does testosterone make hair grow faster?

  • Not only does testosterone make hair grow in these places, it makes the hair grow faster. chromakalin can increase the growth rate of body and facial hair. If you are wondering why your scalp hair is growing so fast, then the main reason is likely ethnicity or hair thickness.

  • How can I make my hair grow faster?

  • The secret to maximizing the hair-growth process is babying your hair at all times, including in the shower when its wet and vulnerable.

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