what hairstyle suits me black man

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Curly hair

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  • What are the most popular hairstyles for black men?

  • If you have short or medium hair, you can go for a 180 waves haircut with it. This style is widespread among rappers and has become a popular choice for black men. Drake, Nas, and Raekwon all sported the style. Moreover, Michael B Jordan, who wore a 180 Waves haircut, sported a version of it in a movie.

  • Do black men hairstyles have to be unpretentious?

  • Although you can add designs to this style living it simple and short or paring it with well kept facial hairs will work just fine. Black men haircuts do not have to be unpretentious to look good as the artsy cut proves this beyond any doubt.

  • What is the texture of black men hair?

  • The texture of black men hair is absolutely beautiful. So much so that they can create their unique hairstyles. When someone thinks of a black man hair, they only think of afros but there are so many more!

  • What are the best taper haircuts for black men?

  • The tall flat top is one of our favorite taper haircuts for Black men. The style adds volume and structure to your look while gradually getting shorter and thinner towards the base of your head. 26. Long Twists and Fade

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