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  • How do I upload a photo to an online hairstyle application?

  • Upload a your photo to the hairstyle website of your choice. Most of these sites have an Upload button that will allow you to browse through your computer to find your photo. Click OK to upload the photo. Wait until your photo appears in the online hairstyle application and make sure that it looks correct.

  • How do I add hairstyles to my photo?

  • Drag the hairstyle from the sidebar on top of your photograph. You should position this hairstyle over your current and match it up as closely as possible with your hairline and scalp. Adjust the color and the length of the hairstyle. Some online hairstyle programs will allow you to add accessories such as hats, ribbons or headbands.

  • What is hairstyles for your face shape app?

  • Hairstyles for Your Face Shape by Gregorio Bello. Credit: App Store This app doesn only help you identify your actual face shape. It also suggests hairstyles that would look perfect with it and allows you to upload your picture to virtually try the different hairstyles and haircuts. This way, you檒l know how you look in each one.

  • How can I try on hairstyles online?

  • The best way to virtually try on hairstyles is to use our online hairstyle simulator. Just upload your photo and scroll through thousands of hairstyles to find one that suits your face and style. Even better? It’s completely free!

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