what hairstyles are allowed in japanese schools

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In most of Japan public schools, pupils are only permitted to havestraight black hair. They cannot bleach, dye or perm it. Conversely, any student whose hair is naturally light or curly can be made to straighten or dye it until it is the required shade of black.

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  • What do Japanese students wear to school?

  • If you watch a lot of anime, you檒l probably recognize the typical getup攆or boys it usually a black, high-collar suit, while the girls typically wear a pleated skirt and sailor-style blouse. It goes much farther than that, too. Japanese schools typically don allow students to wear things like nail polish, makeup, and even certain hairstyles.

  • Are Japanese school rules really that strict?

  • Japanese school rules are known to be extremely strict and they are collectively referred to as 渂lack school rules.?Here are the 10 most common and bizarre Japanese school rules based on the genuine experience of someone who was raised in Japan and went to Japanese schools ?me!

  • What kind of hair do Japanese women have?

  • It is silky, glossy, and thick. They also experiment a lot with their hair, thanks to their rich heritage and anime. Japanese women have many hairstyles to pick from, ranging from imperial hairstyles to modern anime-inspired hairdos, and there is a blend of culture and art in every hairstyle.

  • Is permed hair against school rules in Japan?

  • Once I heard about a case where a teacher yelled at a half African, half Japanese student with curly hair saying ?your permed hair is against our school rule! ?But considering his background, it no surprise that he has curly hair, right? What the heck was the teacher expecting?? Unfortunately, things like this happen daily in Japan. Unfortun…

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