what hairstyles are allowed in japanese schools

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  • Are students allowed to style up their hair in Japan?

  • Yes, in Japan, students are not actually allowed to style up their hair. That because children might be distracted by their hair. Boys should have a simple cut and the girls can have their hair long or tied up. 2. Students should not wear makeup, paint their nails while they are in school

  • What kind of hair do Japanese women have?

  • It is silky, glossy, and thick. They also experiment a lot with their hair, thanks to their rich heritage and anime. Japanese women have many hairstyles to pick from, ranging from imperial hairstyles to modern anime-inspired hairdos, and there is a blend of culture and art in every hairstyle.

  • What do Japanese students wear to school?

  • If you watch a lot of anime, you檒l probably recognize the typical getup攆or boys it usually a black, high-collar suit, while the girls typically wear a pleated skirt and sailor-style blouse. It goes much farther than that, too. Japanese schools typically don allow students to wear things like nail polish, makeup, and even certain hairstyles.

  • What are the rules of school in Japan?

  • In Japan, it mandatory that all students should wear a uniform because the students are representing the school. Boys wear black suits while girls wear plaid skirts. 8. Japanese students will not have March break and Christmas break

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