what hairstyles are best for thick hair

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Bangsare a great choice for thick hair,especially when they blend gracefully with your layers. If straight-across bangs aren your style,try this side-swept version to change up your usual routine. A common misconception about thick hair is that going short will result a boxy and unflattering mess.

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  • What are the best short hairstyles for thick hair?

  • This hairstyle frames your face with thick strands that have a light wave for an elegant look, making it one of our favorite short haircuts for thick hair. All you need to pull this look together is a dollop of curl mousse. Apply to damp hair, scrunch your strands, and air dry. 10. Half-up Top Knot

  • What is the best way to style thick hair?

  • A long bob is definitely one of the cuts that can complement thick hair. Style it with a blow dryer and a round brush for long-lasting volume. 8. Dark Layered Thick Hair with Babylights.

  • What are the most versatile hairstyles ever?

  • The thick hair allows you to gather a chunk of hair from the top of your head and fasten it with rubber bands to create a bubble-like illusion. Braids are some of the most versatile hairstyles ever and it goes with all hair textures.

  • What is the best bob haircut for thick hair?

  • Cut your locks into a V-shape with various layers for a natural boost and have your strands cascade down your back. There are so many different variations of bob haircuts for thick hair. You can play with the shape, texture, layers, and even the color.

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