what hairstyles do guys like

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However, a recent study found that 62% of guys said they preferred women with long hair, while only 13% said they prefer short hair. Also browsing forums and collecting data on popular opinions today,bangsare certainly one of the most popular hairstyles that guys like. This is reflected in the number of celebrities with bangs right now.

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  • What is the best hairstyle for men?

  • The longer the better, according to men. Sticking with the whole long hairstyle trend, if you sport long hair, one hairstyle that men rave about is the boho-inspired long and loose look.

  • What kind of hair do guys like on girls?

  • Most men are obsessed with long and flowing hair that looks healthy, as it instantly makes a woman stand out. Really long hair always catches a man’s gaze, and don’t be surprised if they want to touch your hair when they approach you. The longer the better, according to men.

  • How do you style your hair to look like a guy?

  • Bend at the waist and scrape all of your hair into a high ponytail, secure with an elastic, then arrange your bangs (if you have them), spray with a high-hold hairspray, and you檙e ready for a day in yoga pants and sneakers. Skip the heavy make-up, which would look at odds with your sporty, guy-approved hairstyle. 87 Add a comment … Related:

  • Do men like afro hair?

  • Some hairstyles, like fashion trends, need to stay back in time, and one hairstyle that is not big amongst men is the afro. Yes, men love women who embrace what is natural, and they find curls extraordinarily foxy, but an afro is just not their cup of tea in general.

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