what is a brazilian blowout hairstyle

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Brazilian Blowout is a specific brand of keratin treatment,a semi-permanent way to smooth frizz,soften hair texture,and make hair more manageable and easy to style. It also important to note what it is not: a hair-straightening treatment. As such,it won take the kink and curl out of hair.

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  • What is a Brazilian Blowout hair treatment?

  • RELATED: Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Keratin Treatment What Are Brazilian Blowouts? The Brazilian blowout hair treatment is a liquid keratin formula that bonds to your hair to create a protective layer around each strand, effectively diminishing frizz, sealing the cuticle, and protecting against any external damage.

  • Is a Brazilian Blowout right for You?

  • The Brazilian Blowout has many benefits for girls with hair that just can seem to lay flat, be sleek or act right. It simple, lasts for a considerable amount of time and saves you time in styling and caring for your hair, but its price and risks are definitely a factor to take into account before you get this treatment done.

  • Can you get a Brazilian Blowout with dye in your hair?

  • Hair dyes and chemicals can be the cause of damage that the Brazilian Blowout is made to correct. So having dyed, chemically treated hair might actually make you a better candidate. That being said, some stylists won recommend it for extremely damaged hair, so as to avoid further harm.

  • How long does a Brazilian Blowout take?

  • 25 Luxurious Brazilian Blowout Hairstyles ?Before and After Pics You Won Believe! Brazilian blowout is a customized way of smoothing the hair. The treatment takes at least 90 minutes to give your locks that total transformation. It works well in eliminating frizz while keeping those elegant curls intact.

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