what is a french roll hairstyle

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Timeless hairstyle that works from day to night

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  • How do you make a French roll with loose hair?

  • To begin, sweep all of your hair to one side and place bobby pins at the back of your head to hold your hair in place. Then, sweep the loose hair back over the bobby pins and begin to twist and tuck the hair to form your French roll.

  • What is a French roll?

  • The french roll is an elevated updo that has been an iconic hairstyle in the Black community, with Black women flocking to the look in droves for special occasions like weddings or graduations in the ’90s. The style begins by gathering a ponytail and twisting the ends of the hair before twisting it at the back of the head.

  • Is the French roll hairstyle too costume-y for You?

  • Channel your inner Audrey with this simple and classic French Roll hairstyle. I檓 inspired by vintage hairstyles, but sometimes they can feel too costume-y to wear every day. The French Roll is a timeless hairstyle that works from day to night. It chic enough for work or play, and you can master this style in minutes.

  • Can women with thin hair rock a French roll hairstyle?

  • Women with thin hair can rock a classic French roll hairstyle, just as long as they can incorporate a sturdy hairpiece into their look. 6. Formal Hairstyle If you have ombre highlights and you want to give them an additional pop; why not get a sideways French twist hairdo?

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