what is a lob in hairstyles

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Long bob

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  • What is a lob haircut and what does it look like?

  • WHAT IS A LOB HAIRCUT? A lob haircut, also known as the long bob, is a longer variation of the trendy bob hairstyle. Lob cuts typically sit between your shoulders and your collarbone and can give you the appearance of thicker locks, depending on the cut you choose. Not too long and not too short, you can think of this haircut as your happy medium.

  • What are the best lob hairstyles for medium length hair?

  • Since lobs look great on all hair types, a messy style lob is an easy way to keep your hairstyle looking effortless. If you want to give your lob some more texture, either try adding a few loose curls or if you檙e in a hurry, spray it with some sea salt spray. 2. Longer Lob Hairstyle for medium length hair

  • Do lobs make thin hair appear thicker?

  • When cut correctly, lobs can make thin hair appear thicker. A lob haircut works on all hair textures and face shapes and is perfect for older women wanting a low-maintenance hairstyle. Lob haircuts are ideal for the girl who wants longer hair but still want a shorter hairstyle.

  • How to get a lob haircut with naturally curly hair?

  • It time for you to get in on the lob haircut fun with a naturally curly lob. All you need to do is apply a healthy amount of curl mousse to your strands, scrunch, and let your hair do its thing. Play the angles with an asymmetrical lob.

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