what is a pompadour hairstyle

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The modern pompadour is a mix of old and new. The sides get an undercut while the top is styled in a wavy way. Like the disconnected pompadour,its modern version is a high contrast stylethat defines both the sides and top. Who says guys with thinner hair can have lots of volumes?

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  • What is a pompadour haircut?

  • Known for plenty of volume and high-shine, the classic pompadour requires plenty of hair that been scissor cut slightly shorter at the back and sides compared to the top, with the fringe left longer than the hair at the crown.

  • Is the pompadour still in style?

  • But by the 1980s and the emergence of psychobilly, the style was making a comeback. Today, although rarely seen in its classic form, the pompadour remains one of the hands-down best hairstyles for men, a look proudly sported by style icons including model Jon Kortajarena, Zayn Malik and Zac Efron.

  • How much hair do you need for a pompadour?

  • While you don need a ton of hair on top for a pompadour hairstyle, you檒l want a solid three or four inches so that there enough to create the distinct shape. The length of the hair on the rest of your head doesn matter so much, as it boils down to personal style preference. How do I get a pompadour?

  • How to style a soccer-inspired hairstyle with a pompadour?

  • If you mix a soccer-inspired hairstyle with a pompadour, this will be the end result. The trendy attitude in that haircut is over the roof and the cleaner approach just makes it better. The sides are undercut tapered with size 1 clippers or even less for that stubble look as there is very beard to balance it.

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