what is a tonsure hairstyle

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Clipping one hair off

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  • What is the tonsure haircut?

  • The haircut that these monks had was called the Tonsure, or Tonsura in Latin. The word tonsure means lipping? as in clipping one hair off. The bizarre haircut started around 1073 when Pope Gregorio VII was enthroned.

  • What are the different types of tonsures?

  • The crown tonsure consisted in shaving the entire head except for a small ring of hair encircling the head and was commonly called the tonsure of St. Peter. The second type was prevalent among monks of both East and West and seems to have been more ancient. It consisted of cutting the hair close, and was called the tonsure of St. Paul.

  • What is the purpose of a tonsure?

  • Tonsure has been used in both the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox churches on occasions of tonsure, in various religions, a ceremony of initiation in which hair is clipped from the head as part of the ritual marking one entrance into a new stage of religious development or activity.

  • Why do monks have tonsure hair?

  • Monks shaved the top of their heads to show tribute to Saint Paul and kept the edges of their hair to also respect the bible. The new bizarre haircut was named the tonsure and was worn by almost every Catholic monks in Europe in medieval times.

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