what is a undercut hairstyle

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The undercut is a type ofshort sides,long top haircut where the sides are buzzed short and all one length. Unlike the fade,the undercut hairstyle creates sharp contrast by leaving the sides and back disconnected from the hair on top.

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  • What is an example of an undercut hairstyle?

  • Long Hair Undercut The long hair undercut has become a major trend for men in recent years. Examples of undercut hairstyles for long hair men include the man bun, top knot, male ponytail, long comb over, and bro flow. Some guys prefer the undercut fade while others choose to get shaved sides.

  • How do you do an undercut haircut?

  • This undercut is achieved by shaving the hair just on one side of the head while leaving the rest quite long, but not long enough to cover the shaved part. The rest of the head is fully covered with hair, so from one side this hairstyle looks absolutely standard, while the other side reveals a creative undercut. 36. Asymmetrical Bob

  • Can You undercut long hair?

  • If the longer hair isn a stark contrast to the much shorter sides, it not an undercut. Likewise, if the long hair is faded, even a little, into the sides and back, it not an undercut. If a bold, fresh look is what you檙e going for and you have a little length on top to work with, you can totally pull off an undercut.

  • What is an undercut fade haircut?

  • The undercut fade combines the two best ways to cut the hair on your sides. As one of the coolest men haircuts to get, the undercut fade works with short, medium and long hair, as well as all types. Youthful and fresh, talk to your barber to experiment with this cut and style.

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