what is my hairstyle called

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  • What are the types of hair styles?

  • Some popular hair styles include: Straight, curly, wavy, ringlets (ringlets are tight spirals of hair) Fringe ( American: bangs) ?hair at the front that comes down over the forehead Bob ?cut around shoulder length or shorter all the way around

  • Do you know the names of different types of haircuts for men?

  • Knowing the names for different types of haircuts for men is invaluable when you檙e visiting the barbershop and asking your barber for a specific hairstyle. In fact, not being able to talk to your barber and ask for the haircut you want is probably the most common reason guys get a bad cut.

  • How do you name a hairstyle?

  • The names used to denote a particular hairstyle vary ?depending on area of the world, regions within a particular country, from town to town, and even from salon to salon. The only effective and sure way to tell your stylist or barber what you want is by using specific descriptors.

  • What do you call the person who cuts your hair?

  • Vocabulary for hairdressing Hairdresser, stylist, barber (the professionals who cut your hair) Hairdressing salon, the barber / barber shop (the barber is traditionally for men) Haircut, cut, trim, blowdry, wash, towel dry, dry trim, wet trim, highlights, lowlights, relaxed, straightened, razor cut

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