what is the best hairstyle for an oval face

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Pixie crop

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  • What is the best haircut for oval face?

  • A deep side-parted bun hairstyle can be worn as a high or low bun along with accessories just like the following celebrities. One of the best haircut for oval face, this haircut have been used by popular celebrities like Emma watson, Michelle Obama, Jessica Biel and many more. 3. Milkmaid braid

  • How to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape?

  • Amazing layers If you檝e got an oval face shape, you can easily allow yourself all kinds of experiments. Consider getting a layered hairstyle where the frontal layers will be much shorter than the ones in the back. It will help make the maintenance easier without stealing away any hair length.

  • Do you have an oval face shape?

  • You have an oval face shape if your face shape looks like an egg shape. Length is equal to one and a half times width. Generally, the forehead and jaw have the same width. It is a proven fact that the shape of one face plays an important role in choosing what hairstyles will look good on a man.

  • What is the best face shape for a pageboy haircut?

  • The modern take on the pageboy haircut frames the oval face beautifully. It is a great way to tame thick hair and wear a chic cut that doesn work as good with any other face shape as it does with the oval. The pixie is an oval face haircut that can be hard to take the plunge for, but it well worth it!

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