what is the best short hairstyle for a round face

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  • What is the best haircut for a round face?

  • If cut correctly, a softer jawline can be hidden, elongating your facial appearance. Pixies are the most common and best short haircut for women with round faces. However, bobs are also known to slim your round face, too. Check out our collection of photos below for inspiration on your new short haircut for your round face.

  • Can you wear short hair if you have a round face?

  • That’s simply not true. You can wear short hair no matter the shape of your face; you just want to make sure to find the right haircut. The most flattering hairstyles for round faces are those that work with your hair texture while giving you the appearance of having a more oval-shaped, longer face.

  • How to style a pixie haircut for round face?

  • Harsher lines of the hairstyle are a perfect match for the soft lines of the face. How to style: That is why a good way to style a pixie haircut for women with round face and over 60 is to add some spikes and wear it messy. 17. Classic Elegant Updo

  • How to make your face look narrow with short hair?

  • Chin-length short hair for round face shapes is a great way to make your face appear narrow. This accessorized pretty short braided hairdo can easily be done by anyone as long as you have enough natural hair and a little bit of creativity.

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