what is the least damaging hairstyle

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  • Are your hairstyles harming your hair?

  • Heads Up: These Hairstyles Are Secretly Harming Your Hair. Braids, which includes boxer and Felicia styles, that are too tight can also cause tensile stress, which occurs when there is constant tugging on hair follicles. These type of braids can be damaging depending on how tight or heavy the braids are.

  • Can tight hairstyles cause hair loss?

  • The stress on the follicle can weaken it and sometimes cause hair loss , says O’Brien. Regular tensile stress can lead to serious hair loss conditions, such as traction alopecia, which can be caused by wearing tight hairstyles for a long period of time. 1

  • Should you try a semi-permanent gloss for your hair?

  • As the seasons change, adding depth with semi-permanent glosses is a great way to try out a new hair color without any long-term commitment, says Leake. Sporting long locks will always be in style but they can also have an adverse effect on the hair’s texture. Long, heavy hair can thin out from its weight and force of gravity.

  • Are hair extensions bad for your hair?

  • Hillier says that wearing extensions and failing to take care of them can cause significant damage to the hair. Let be real, no hair extensions are good for the hair even if you have the best application in the world. Hundreds of hairs tugging on your individual hairs hanging from your scalp攖hat sounds like a nightmare!

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