what is the lob hairstyle

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Long bob

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  • What is a lob haircut and what does it look like?

  • WHAT IS A LOB HAIRCUT? A lob haircut, also known as the long bob, is a longer variation of the trendy bob hairstyle. Lob cuts typically sit between your shoulders and your collarbone and can give you the appearance of thicker locks, depending on the cut you choose. Not too long and not too short, you can think of this haircut as your happy medium.

  • Is a lob haircut the best way to manage long hair?

  • But after growing your hair out for a while, you might be realizing that long hair isn as low-maintenance as you檇 hoped. We檙e convinced that getting a lob haircut is THE best way to manage your locks without going for The Big Chop.

  • How to style a long bob haircut for thick hair?

  • A long bob makes thick hair visually less puffy and unruly. For thin hair, textured lobs or lob haircuts with color highlights work best, giving the hair extra volume, as you can see in the photos below: How to style a lob haircut so that it would ideally complement your every outfit?

  • Is the lob haircut with bangs still in style?

  • With extra texture all over the lob hairstyle, it looks incredible. Lob haircut with bangs became a new trend last year and it still keeps the top fashion position. Among the upsides of the bangs, we should also mention that it helps to make a large forehead visually smaller, balancing the whole face.

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