what is the wolf cut hairstyle

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The Wolf Cut, as Tiktokers call it,is a hairstyle withwavy,gradual layers and choppy bangs that frame the face. Think of a mix between a mullet and a shag cut,but a bit more wearable for modern times!

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  • What is a wolf haircut?

  • A wolf haircut is a trending shag haircut that adds a lot of layers and volume to all hair types. Learn how to style it and get inspiration for your next appointment.

  • Do you need to style the Wolf cut?

  • The natural texture of your hair will determine how you style the wolf cut攁nd you do need to style it. It’s not a wash-and-go cut, and if you don spend a little time zhuzhing it, the cut can fall flat and make your hair look lifeless.

  • What is the difference between Mullet and Wolf haircut?

  • Wolf Cut is a new version of Mullet that attracted over 400 million views in TikTok, it is more stylish and wilder than Mullet style. Wolf haircut has a most notable feature is the swelling treatment done at the front and top of the head to appear more voluminous, but this also means a little hard to wear than mullet style.

  • How often should you get a wolf haircut?

  • Wolf Haircut With Bangs With Highlights This short hairdo has some mullet elements that you檒l love if your natural hair is quite thin and short. It is the perfect hairdo for everyday wear. Brush it out and make sure that you get regular cuts. The best time to schedule your appointment is every 6-8 weeks to maintain its form.

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