what kind of hairstyle did the black panther have

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Short cropped

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  • Who is the hairstylist for Black Panther?

  • Black Panther hairstylist Camille Friend discusses the importance showcasing natural hair in the first black superhero movie Skip to content Top Navigation Explore PEOPLE.comPEOPLE.com News All News Coronavirus Crime Human Interest Politics Heroes Entertainment All Entertainment Celebrity TV Movies Music Country Awards Sports Theater Books Royals

  • What inspired Coogler’s’Black Panther’design?

  • Coogler suggested new design elements inspired by the 2016 version of the Black Panther comics, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and drawn by artist Brian Stelfreeze, starting with the mask.

  • What is the meaning behind Black Panther?

  • Black Panther is a celebration of black culture that both powerfully pays homage to African heritage, while honoring the future through the highly advanced Wakanda, powered by vibranium, an indestructible (and very coveted) metal native to the never-colonized (and hidden) Afrofuturist nation.

  • What does Nakia wear in Black Panther?

  • The three also wear black-tie looks that reference their Wakandan roots. Nakia’s iridescent chartreuse and navy gown, made in the same Eurojersey as the Black Panther supersuit, is sublimation printed and hand-painted in an ombr with a Kente cloth pattern. When you see her sit at the bar, she is lighting up, Carter says.

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