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  • What are the Best Hairstyles for males?

  • Because of that, hairstylists recommend high-volume and layered options. Bangs, side-swept hairstyles, brush-ups, long slick backs, faux hawks, and textured crops are the win-win this type of shape hairstyles for males. Triangle face shape is asymmetrical, with a wider jawline and a smaller forehead.

  • How do I choose the Best Hairstyle?

  • When identifying the best hairstyle for you it’s crucial you first identify: 1) Your face shape, and 2) Your hair texture. Because lads, truth be told, it’s always better to rock a hairdo that fits you like a glove, rather than one that’s trendy but MEH on you.

  • What are the different types of haircuts?

  • These haircuts can range from very short, such as the buzz cut or crew cut, to long hairstyles like a quiff, slick back, and comb over. Just make sure to remember to pair these cuts and styles with a fade or undercut on the side.

  • What hairstyle is best for thin straight hair?

  • Thin straight hair looks best in a simple short classic cut, sort of a tamed version of the undercut. Curly hair can look absolutely great as an edgier version of the undercut, OR as a longer hairstyle, that’s got a bit of disheveled vibe to it.

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