what was the hairstyle in the 90s

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Box braids

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  • How to style your hair in the 90s?

  • One of the most popular 90s hairstyles is having semi-cornrows. Complete this 90s look by adding in butterfly clips at the ends. Pair the semi-Cornrows with pieces of your hair hanging out and suddenly you are rocking a hair wisp. You can also add spikes as well for 90s grunge hairstyles.

  • Which celebrities had big hair in the 90s?

  • From Cindy Crawford to Drew Barrymore, all the popular stars sported the big hair. It was a common sight to see in the 90s along with jeans and plain tees!

  • What were the most popular hairstyles for men in the nineties?

  • A very popular style involved pulling two small locks of hair out on either side to create face-framing strands. Another extremely popular look for men during the Nineties was frosted tips, a look that involved bleaching just the tips of hair, and then spiking hair up with gel.

  • What is’90s hair?

  • ’90s hair was a toned-down version of big ’80s hair. Natural volume and fullness were key to achieving this look. You could try blowdrying hair upside down, adding layers to your cut, flipping hair to the side, and choosing volume-inducing hair products.

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