what your hairstyle says about you

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Your hairstyle can say a lot about you. It showshow you look at yourselfand it can also show what kind of job you have. In certain jobs they require a certain hairstyle. You do not see a lot of men with office jobs and very long hair, but there are always exceptions of course.

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  • What does your hair say about you?

  • Here, Haner tells Cosmopolitan.com what your strands most likely are saying about you, based on her studies in 3,000-year-old face reading derived from Chinese medicine. 1. If you have red hair, chances are you’re fun.

  • What does your curly hair say about your personality?

  • From traits that include love, reason and passion, your curly hair keeps you busy. Oh, and finally, you love to have fun! You have thicker hair. If you’re blessed with thick hair, it means you have strong willpower. You have a lot of energy, but can also be seen as stubborn.

  • What does your medium length no fuss hair say about you?

  • Your medium-length, no fuss hair means you are a logical thinker, value common sense and are goal-oriented. You can also be very direct and sometimes very competitive. This no fuss hairstyle is perfect for you because you sometimes become frustrated easily. Rock the easy style girl! You tend to wear your hair straight.

  • Do you like more complicated hairstyles?

  • You like to have more complicated hair styles. There’s nothing wrong with hairstyles that may take you an hour to master, but it may give off a high-maintenance vibe. You either worry about details too much, so your hair never looks right, or you love to stand out.

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