what’s the most popular hairstyle for 2020

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Fromcurtain bangs to the mullet, these were the most popular hairstyles of 2020.

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  • What short hairstyles are trending in 2020?

  • Bobs aren the only short haircut that going to be huge in 2020. Pixie cuts are having a moment, too. This year take on the classic style features soft layers, as seen on Charlize Theron and Ruth Negga. Are you a J.Lo or a Katie Holmes?

  • What are the Best Hairstyles for women in 2021?

  • A curly fringe looks gorgeous paired with one of 2021’s biggest hair trends: bold highlights. The mix of both shade and length variation really makes curls pop. 淚 think the best haircuts for women in 2021 will be all about structure攐ut with the messy texture; in comes the polished structure,?says Riawna Capri, co-owner of Nine Zero One in L.A.

  • How many different hair colors are trending in 2020?

  • So whether you’re up for a big change or a subtle tweak to your current color, this year’s trends cover all the bases. Ahead, the six hair colors that are about to be everywhere in 2020, along with the colorists’ tips on how to maintain each shade. This is perfect for the type of person that wants a low maintenance color, says Wiepert.

  • Is the bob haircut still trending in 2020?

  • Within the last 365 days, you檝e probably seen a lot of variations of the bob haircut. If all of these styles have influenced you to cut your hair off, it’s good to know the shorter hair length is still trending for 2020.

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