where to buy new viera hairstyles ffxiv

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  • Are there new hairstyles for Viera in Final Fantasy XIV?

  • It been a long-time coming for Viera players in Final Fantasy XIV ?new hairstyles are coming with the launch of Endwalker.

  • Does Square Enix add new hairstyles to Final Fantasy XIV?

  • Square Enix adds new hairstyles, but you have to work to get them. During one of the earlier Letter from the Producer Live streams for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, creative director and lead producer Naoki Yoshida showed off new hairstyles coming for female Viera.

  • How many new hairstyles does FFXIV endwalker have?

  • FFXIV: Endwalker’s update has added six new hairstyles for the Viera playable race. One of the haircuts is free, but the rest must be unlocked.

  • Is it possible to unlock all hairstyles in FFXIV?

  • Some of the easier hairstyle unlocks can be done with little effort, but getting them all is a trying and a potentially impossible effort. Below we’re going to go over all the unlockable hairstyles in FFXIV and how you can get them, though be warned that Viera and Hrothgar are essentially stuck with their default options!

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