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  • Who is Cindy Lou who in the Grinch?

  • There’s one little character who made the biggest difference in the story: Cindy Lou Who. On top of being the sweet, kindhearted kid who changed the Grinch’s mind about Christmas (and made his heart grow three sizes larger), Cindy Lou Who, played by Taylor Momsen, has one of the coolest braided hairstyles we’ve ever seen.

  • What is Cindy Lou who hairstyle?

  • There are countless versions and modern uptakes of Cindy Lou Who hairstyle but the 2001 movie adaptation of the classic tale features our girl in a high looped up hairdo with her hair adorably sticking out ?the main focal point of the hairdo.

  • How to make your hair look like a Christmas tree?

  • This is like the icing on the cake. The look wouldn be complete without the classic red bow on the front. You can continue dressing up your hair by putting more bows and ribbons. Or lace Christmas garland around the cone much like a mini Christmas tree. Top it off with miniature bells and balls. You can even glitter spray your hair.

  • How to choose the right hairbrush for You?

  • Hair Brush: A quality hairbrush can make all the difference in styling, particularly one that is as intricate as Cindy Lou. Make sure your brush has rigid and soft spokes like that of BESTOOL Hair Brush. This brush has boar bristles with nylon pins, ideal for gentle detangling and styling.

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