will viera get more hairstyles

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Even though male Vierawill not get new hairstylesin the coming FFXIV 6.0 update, they do not have the same limitations as their female counterparts or the Hrothgar. Thus if Square Enix wishes to add more options in the future, it will be easier.

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  • Does Viera have a new hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV?

  • Here what you need to know about all the new Viera hairstyles added to Final Fantasy XIV Version 6.1 Both the male and female versions of Viera have a new hairstyle. Pictured below, you can check out the front of this hairstyle.

  • What mods should I add to my Viera hair?

  • 1. hat compatibility: adding hat compatibility morphs to female viera hairs 1-8 + 17. use Hrothgar Viera Hats to allow viera to wear many hats with neat custom 3D models, also including morphs for all hairs. This means you don’t need my mod if that’s all you’re after.

  • How do I get the ponytail hairstyle in Viera?

  • This is one of the game’s base hairstyles, meaning it should now be available to all female Viera for free! You must have a copy of Modern Aesthetics – Ponytails to unlock this hairstyle at the aesthetician.

  • How many new hairstyles does FFXIV endwalker have?

  • FFXIV: Endwalker’s update has added six new hairstyles for the Viera playable race. One of the haircuts is free, but the rest must be unlocked.

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